“I am very impressed with the level of service provided by Syncom. The auditing conducted on my house was efficient and comprehensive, and the auditor was friendly and informative.
I received the audit report a few days later which had a great level of detail on the condition of the electrical installation and safety concerns.
I’m comforted to know my house overall is in a good condition with just a few minor repairs to be made to improve the safety. Thanks again!”

Cheryl Heywood
Home Owner
Watsonia, Victoria

— Cheryl HeywoodApr 2018.

“Syncom Auditing carried out an Electrical & Gas Audit at my rental property. The audit was extremely comprehensive, providing me with an easy to follow audit report grading potential safety concerns to help prioritise repairs and replacements.
I am confident that any aging, damage or wear of the wiring, power points, switch boards and appliances has been professionally tested and assessed.
Subsequently I am able to rest easy and be confident that the occupants and the properties safety from  electrical damage or fire caused by electrical faults is ensured.
Many thanks for your company’s efficient professional and personable service provision.”

Lynne Fitzsimmons
Rental Property Owner
Mt Waverley, Victoria

— Lynne FitzsimmonsMar 2018.