Property Managers

What You Need To Know

New to Electrical & Gas Safety Checks

On or after 29th of March 2021, Rental Properties will need to undergo Electrical & Gas Safety Checks as soon as practicable prior to entering into a new agreement with current Renters or new re-let of the property. If you have a fixed term agreement of more than five years which rolls over into a periodic tenancy on or after 29th March 2021 you will need to get Safety Checks as soon as practicable.

Other Changes

There may be components of the Electrical and Gas installations within a rented premises requiring upgrade or new installation on and from 29th of March 2023, such as location of heaters and installation of Residual Current Devices. We will check this and provide our assessment for these mandatory changes in the Safety Check report.

If requested by Renters, a copy of the most recent Electrical, Gas & Smoke Alarm Safety Check report must be provided to the Renter within 7 days of initial request.

Renters must be provided with the Smoke Alarm instruction manuals for all installed alarms on the premises. And are to be notified that Smoke Alarms must not be tampered with, Renters to notify if there are faults.

For more information please visit the Consumer Affairs Victoria website a Guide for rental providers - Gas and Electricity safety checks here.

What We Do

Bundled Packages

We provide multiple packages for Electrical, Gas & Smoke Alarm Safety Check services, and can adapt based on what services you already have covered. Inquire today here.

Hasslefree Service Request Email/Web Form

We've formulated a Service Request email template and Web Form for your Rental Providers, taking out the hassle of corresponding with each Rental Provider over email or phone. It's as simple as sending a customisable email template to your Rental Providers, they select the service they want via a Agency Branded Web Form. You'll get an email notificatiob back from your Rental Providers with all the details you'll need. We can handle this too on your behalf, making it ever easier!

Manage Renter access requests

We manage the Renter engagement to schedule in works with our Safety Auditors. Where possible we will book in Electrical & Gas Safety Checks in the same timeslot for a before Renter experience.

Compliance Report & Invoice

Following the Safety Check and assurance review process, we will send you a copy of the Safety Check Compliance Report and Invoice within 24 hours to you inbox (or however you'd like to receive this). 

Any remedial works required to ensure the Rented Premises meet Residential Tenancy Regulations 2021 in accordance with the related Standard, will be clarified in the report so you can simply action.

One Point of Contact

Happy for you to speak to anyone in the Syncom Auditing team, but we like the persenal touch. So an Syncom Auditing representative will be your point of contact if you need any clarification on the process or report, we also love your feedback.

We are committed to resolving your quiries within 24 hours, if not immediately.

Recurring Safety Checks

Sit back as our team manage, with the help of our customised Safety Check & Field Management software, 2 yearly reminders for Renters that the Safety Check is coming up. Scheduling this in to ensure the Rented Premise is Electrically & Gas compliant for peace of mind.

It can be as simple as receiving the Report & Invoice on Safey Check completion

We have implemented processes to allow Agency's the freedom to have as little or as much engagement with our team as they like. 

Knowing Property Management teams operate differently, we work directly with you to establish how you would like to engage us. 


Our goal is to fit seamlessly into your property management process to ease your workload, and will do what we need to make this a reality.

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