Gas Safety Checks


Residential Tenancies Act 2021

Inspection, testing and servicing of all gas installation within the rented premises in line Residential Tenancies Act 2021, and in accordance with AS/NZS 5601.1 "Gas Installations" and Appendix F of AS4575 "Gas appliances— Servicing of Type A appliances".

Inspection, testing and servicing requires

Visual inspection and limited testing of the gas installation to verify the installation is installed correctly, and in good repair showing no signs of misuse or damage.

Inspection of, but not limited to;

 - LPG cylinders

 - Gas isolation valves

 - Appliances accessible (for future servicing and adjustment)

 - Appliances electrically safe

 - Clearances from appliances to combustible surfaces

 - Adequate ventilation

 - Restrained adequately from tipping over

 - Condition of the flue systems, including chimneys

 - Check for evidence of certification


Testing of;

 - Gas leakage 

 - Negative Pressure

 - Carbon Monoxide

 - Combustion spillage test

Servicing includes, but not limited to;

 - Cleaning dust and debris from appliances

 - Integrity of heat exchanger

 - Optimal gas supply and appliance operating pressure

 - Burner ignition is 

 - No flame abnormalities

 - Operating correctly, including safety devices

Regulations around Energy Efficient Fixed Heaters in the main living area is changing on or from 29th March 2021 & 29th March 2023, as such we will provide further information around your requirements here as the initial Gas Safety Check is conducted. 

For more information please visit the Consumer Affairs Victoria website a Guide for rental providers - Gas and Electricity safety checks here.

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Our Process

Step 1: Visit Scheduled with Renter
Step 3: Compliance Review
Step 2: Safety Check conducted by a Syncom Auditing Licenced Gasfitter

Bookings via our online scheduling portal, team on hand to assist Renters with any queries or booking. If possible we will book Electrical & Gas Safety Check's in the one timeslot. 

Our field team are equipped with step by step inspection and testing checklist and reporting forms to ensure all components of the electrical installation are audited to standard. Minor repairs completed at time of Safety Check if required.

Reports go through a secondary review to assess the report findings and provide more information if required around changes to the property that might be required by 29th March 2023 as per Reisdential Tenancies Regulations 2021. As well as to ensure assessments and reports are of a high quality and consistent time and time again. 

Step 4: Safety Audit Report Submitted

Compliance report will be provided to your Property Manager with pass/fail assessment on the report of each component of the installation checked, in line with Residential Tenancies Regulations 2021 and the Gas standards. Photo's of the installation will be provided in the report so you have visibility of the installation checked. Any remedial works or upgrade required to meet the regulations will also be clearly outlined in the report, so you know what needs to be actioned.